Welcome to the PdgnCo community blog! We're an IRC community focused on education and autonomy with a great deal of passion for Computer Science. You can find more about our network on its main site, or you can just start reading. You should be able to get to know a lot of the regular members of Pdgn by reading their writing here. Topics can range from highly technical to highly personal to highly humorous and anything in between.

Announcement: Mastodon Server
As something of an experiment, I’ve opened up a Mastodon server for Pdgn. Signups currently require a pdgn.co email (another service I added without mentioning it!), but I might change this as time...
Announcement: Unexpected Downtime
UPDATE: As of 12:43 PM EST on December 9th 2016, Pdgn is back online.
Liberating data from Blackboard Transact for fun and profit
Like a lot of other college students in the US, I attend a university that uses Blackboard Transact (or the Blackboard Transaction System, or Commerce Suite, or whatever you want to call it). Trans...
TUM CTF Web 300 (f8901da0) writeup
This is my favorite problem pretty much ever. Kudos to whoever wrote it, I had a great time solving it. Anyway, here goes.
Announcement: New European Server
It is my pleasure to announce that a new server has been added to the PdgnCo network, Turtur. Turtur is located in a data center in Frankfurt, Germany, and represents the first European server in t...
Pdgn plays D&D: Magical Cauldron vs. The World
Previously on Pdgn plays D&D: Jackal Dating Sim
Pdgn plays D&D: Jackal Dating Sim
As a quick introduction, we’re running a Dungeons and Dragons, 5th Edition campaign for Pdgn. After each session, I’ll be writing a post summarizing our adventure thus far. Our party is large (curr...
A Brief History of Pdgn
The idea for Pdgn first came in June of 2014. For reasons that I can’t recall, I was drawn to searching for a domain. I didn’t really have a purpose for it. I was just poking around to see if anyth...
Hello, World!
Communication. It’s what separates a painter from an artist and a performer from a musician. It turns a mob into an army and a fight into a debate. It’s what separates coexistence and civilization.